Waiting for Your Heart’s Wanting and It’s Slow AF? You Asked: Let’s Chat About It!

by | Mar 12, 2024 | Aligned Actions and Practices

Dear Wise Woman:

Let’s be honest: sometimes the Cosmos has their own timing, am I right? And what makes the waiting feel worse is when the thing we want is desired so badly or it’s just within reach.

One of you wanted my insight about waiting on that near and dear, soul-full want. The thing we desire most, but there’s this waiting period. And I don’t know about you, but I have been (and can be) pretty impatient when it comes to those deep-down desires myself. So, I wanted to share my wisdom, because you’re not alone in it!

Today, let’s chat about our timing vs. the timing of the Universe. 👇🏻

In this video we’re going to go over five powerful reminders when you’re waiting for your next opportunity or path to begin:

  • Preparing while waiting between shifts with your intuition
  • Resting between the tasks, projects, and needs, and with the transition
  • Trusting yourself in the in-between (which is so friggin’ hard)
  • Rebel against the conditioning to “know or do it all now”
  • And recognize the time is needed so your work, service, or transition, is even more expansive

Let’s Recap:

It can be challenging to live and work in the uncertain times, especially if we’ve had a past that was unsteady. Or we’re worried about paying our bills right now. Or, as we all sense, the world is feeling unsteady in the collective.

What I’ve kept on repeating to myself is this mantra: what’s in my control and what’s not? Or what can I do, and when, and what is not mine to do? If it’s mine, how can I prepare for what needs doing? You get the idea.

The takeaway: The answer and wisdom you need will come and try to love yourself as you wait for it. And use wise circles like FSW to your advantage! Community is where we can find support and encouragement while we’re waiting on our next cycle to begin.

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