Using Creativity to Boost Your Mood

by | Jun 5, 2023 | Aligned Actions and Practices

I want to talk about creativity today. Yes, in this hectic world, we can find time to be creative… I’d even say we have to try! I have found that when I am stressed out, or ready to throw in the towel with this hectic world, one choice helps: being creative.

There are four reasons I have found that increasing creativity in our world helps us in our wellness and well-being as well as living with passion. So, let’s go over those today!

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Reason #1: Creativity Helps Us Shift Our Mundane Routines

Sometimes we live on autopilot and know I’m not judging you for that, because I have done the same. I’ve spent years on autopilot and then I get through the end of that chapter in life and go, “Holy crap where did it go?!”

It’s a valuable lesson in mindfulness, which I talk about often at FSW. When I go for days or weeks without being creative, I see that it offers us a new boost. It can lead to a more mindful existence and helps us ground ourselves in what we are looking at or tweaking. You might find comfort in creative art, expression, or anything else that stirs your soul… But don’t discount the power in it to help you be here now.

Reason #2: Living and Creating Imperfectly

While it’s hard to learn at the moment, and frustrating, I appreciate how creative pursuits have shown me how to not be a perfectionist. And it is so damn hard. Perfectionism has been wired into many of us, myself included, and it’s something we need to work with almost daily. When we sit with a new craft or a new method of sharing our wisdom and skills, it helps us build muscles of grace and compassion for ourselves. And that is a gift for not only ourselves right now but for our pursuits in the future.

Reason #3: Creativity Offers Us Freedom to Express Ourselves

When I asked someone what their top gift was that creativity gives them, this was their answer. So I ask you, how does creativity offer you the freedom to express yourself? How does it make you feel free in the process of learning? Or is your victory at the end of a project when you see the outcome in full? These are just some simple questions to get your reflections going.

And this also relates to pursuing creative works with imperfection and compassion. Because when we try to do something perfectly we limit ourselves and the freedom we have: we might even feel caged in during the process or at the end if it’s not good enough. So think about this, and how creativity creates freedom for you.

Reason #4: It Can Bring Us Joy and Happiness Like a Magnet

The last reason I want to share, in how compassion can boost your mood, is that when you feel free in it or you feel joy in the process or the outcome, it allows you to see more joy and happiness in other areas of your life. To bring this concept down a couple of levels, it’s not about living with toxic positivity. But in creative expression or projects when we feel uplifted and like we have confidence again or we’re excited about learning something new just because it’s cool, it helps us look at our work or our personal lives where we might be creative again and again. Or because we have a boost in our mood, from being creative, it might help us have a little bit of a boost in areas that have felt like a drag lately.

Again, this is not about toxic positivity and avoiding feelings but this is an opportunity for you to take 30 minutes or more time if you have it and do something creative whether it’s drawing on a napkin a doodle while you’re at a coffee meeting or something more constructive. And by giving yourself permission to be creative, you’re opening up opportunities in your future to not only be mindful and grounded but to love yourself in a new way. And that’s a gift that will keep on giving.

Disclaimer: While I have the M.S.W. degree and experience, note that I am not a practicing therapist. Please work with a healer or professional that suits you, to help you with your holistic needs.



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