Transitioning in Your Career: Try These Three Steps as You Prepare to Pivot

by | Apr 17, 2023 | Aligned Actions and Practices

A dark haired woman is sitting with her hands over her mouth, with a wall of post-its behind her with "Job" and "Career" written on a chalk board and multiple question marks. She's trying to make the right decision.

Happy Monday to you and, as always, thank you for reading another piece from FSW! I’ve been busy this weekend, going through my sweat lodge process on Saturday and then re-integrating with life needs yesterday. And this weekend’s events made me think of stages and how we grow and go through them. You can tune into my video here if you’d like to hear more from my Weekly Wisdom Tip!

As I talked about stages and going through them in the video, I was reflecting on what to share with you this week on The Blog. Something I keep seeing on LinkedIn, and hearing through other conversations in my life with women is that they’re going through transitions, specifically in their career roles or they’re in-between work. And this made me think of three steps that I’ve used when I transition from job to job, or venture to venture. Let’s start to unpack them now!

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Prepping Your Heart

Sometimes when a Plot Twist comes our way unexpectedly – like being let go or an entity merge and things are on shaky ground – it can feel incredibly daunting. And let’s admit it, there’s also a privilege to being prepared for a change vs. a change coming across in an email or a phone call.

With the luxury of preparations, I think it’s key to prepare our hearts for transitions as often as we can. The reason why I say this now is because I remember before in-depth healing and growth, I would transition mostly with my headspace and ego. I did wonder about my purpose, my calling, and whatnot, but usually my transitions were thought out. And this isn’t inherently bad or wrong; and while my heart was also in the mix I ignored it sometimes hoping for the best.

Now, many of us have plans or steam roll ahead with ideas. Those plans can live in our egos or the paths we expect ourselves to take; again, not bad, just a part of human existence we need to acknowledge. And over the last few years, I’ve forced myself to use head and heart space when transitioning forward. It may take more time before making a decision, but this practice is a firm commitment and a must-do anymore. So, as you prepare for a transition with your heart and soul, plus your beautiful brain and calculating ego, you might be able to see layers of your decision(s) in a new light.

Prepping Your Confidence

I’ve found that when my head and heart are on the same wavelength, or seeing the decision from a few perspectives, I feel more confident in decision-making. I’ve done this while quitting my last job, and I’ve done this recently with saying, “Enough,” to a school program that no longer served me. Were these decisions hard? In ways. But when I was aligned within – as you can commit to yourself – the decisions felt less daunting.

I liken life experiences and choices to chapters: we end chapters, we close books, and we open new ones and start new chapters. The question I have for you is are you simply a character in your Life Book or are you the author?

Perhaps you feel like one or the other, or both, at times; that’s ok. I just want you to remember when you’re checking out job applications or you’re drafting up your resume or letters, be the author of your life chapters. Be the wise woman that’s within you, even if you’re not sure just how to describe her yet. Find out what your heart and soul say about the opportunity and what your head says. If you feel that they’re at odds, re-read the chapters of your life, so to speak. See the patterns there, what you would and wouldn’t change. And then confidently decide your next steps and why they matter to you.

Prepping Your Outreach and Experiences

Relevant to processing and prepping for your career, or life, transition with more confidence, the final “step” is to consider both your outreach and experiences. As I say in The ZPB and on FSW, use your resources. Resources can be people in your network, the self-knowledge you’ve been developing, and even revamping your resume or CV. Ultimately, try to sit and consider and craft out your strengths. Recall the times you’ve felt alive in the work you’ve done (and the times you were done AF). The point is: prep your transition with buckets full “Hells yes!” vs. trepidation.

Now, I’ve been there, too: when I didn’t feel aligned in myself enough and I didn’t know the wisdom I carried within. And that led to feelings of fear, not being good enough, and more. But that’s why it helps to build up your heart and confidence alongside, or before, working on this outreach and review of your experiences. Working within will help you do this work on the outside.

And when you continue to work within, as you pivot and transition forward, you’ll embody soul-full living on your career path. It’s not just about our titles, and you know that when you read my work and chat with me. This is about living here, now, as you are, in your holistic life journey. Now you’ll be able to do it from the heart, from confidence, and from a space of alignment tapping into your wisdom within.


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