“Show Me the Money…” No, Really: What Changes Do I Need to Make?

by | Apr 11, 2022 | Aligned Actions and Practices

Happy new week to you, women and womxn! Today is going to be a fun – and by that, I mean anxiety-inducing – topic. We’re talking moola, money, currency, and other words you use to describe your bank accounts, income, and wage(s).

Throughout my life, I’ve had many beliefs about money and my own worth. I think a lot of us are that way and these beliefs come from absolutely anywhere and can be complicated. To be transparent, my money vibes tend to be linked with childhood and young adult experiences plus gender conditioning. It’s hefty to unpack, but that’s where we need to begin, friends, and I’m here doing it with you!

When We Hit an Income Level That Feels Confining—Now What?

I think one of the hardest things about becoming a business owner was challenging the 9-to-5 status quo mindset. Is it nice to get a consistent paycheck? Definitely. Though, eventually, I began to hit an income ceiling at some point on my career path. At least I could consistently pay bills and understandably this is a privileged position, so I’ll own that. But as time went on, it sunk in…

Money and exchange are currency…duh. But so is energy, time, freedom, fulfillment, boundaries, stress management, and more. When we think about what we give away when we “aren’t happy with our work” it compounds in all areas of our life, physical, emotional, and spiritual. To be honest, even before the pandemic hit, many Americans felt financial stress. Here’s a 2015 podcast episode about financial experiences as well.

Want to know something crazy? Even writing this post about money makes me feel nervous and anxious and I’d rather write about 100 other things. But that’s why it’s critical to have this conversation, so we can relate together about money angst and related experiences.

Pretty consistently, since graduating college, I made roughly the same hourly amount for my salary. That’s after well over 12 years of work, not counting other experiences in internships and summer jobs.

Building Up the Courage to Make Economic and Healthy Changes

Do you know when you start a job and you’re just excited to have one? But then as years go by while you’re still excited to have a job, you wonder if your worth is matching up with a few things: the value the organization holds for you (not just a role) and how that matches with your salary and stress levels. Now, I’ll be the first to tell you that I do whatever it takes to have an income in my household, but I’ve recognized over the years how I can start tweaking income in a new way that’s also more empowering. Win-win!

This isn’t a one-size-fits-all path. Not everyone wants to be a business owner and I totally support that. But where can we make a move in our career path that might help us solidify income and our empowerment in a different way? That’s the literal and figurative million-dollar question, people.

I don’t necessarily have tips on this right now because everyone has to answer that question for themselves. What I can offer though are reflective inquiries that make us think big picture and make changes from there.

  • Where do you want to see yourself in five years? Break it down further, where do you want to see yourself within a year or even in nine months?
  • What financial goals do you have for yourself or your household?
  • Not worrying about retirement right now, but what would a comfortable lifestyle and daily living look like for you?
  • What is your legacy, meaning, how do you wish to serve others? How do you want to leave a good vibe on this planet when you’re gone? Does your current work or role(s) fit into that model? Would income or expanded empowerment help you leave a different legacy or make a bigger impact now?

I’ve got more prompts in my head and they’ll be part of the next FSW project, but just get started with these. If they seem overwhelming to you or, like me, you get a feeling of angst or anxiety about money conditioning, then break it down into easier pieces.

  1. Think about your physical body and how you want to keep it comfortable.
  2. Think about your mental well-being and what you would be willing to pay to keep your emotions as steady as possible.
  3. Spiritually, how do you want to give back to this world, and is income related to that, like tithing or a charity choice? And while volunteering is definitely a valid act of service, if you don’t have the income or resources to support this option, then it can be more difficult.

So, start with these prompts if needed, and then the above questions—with planning and long-term ideas in mind–may be easier to contemplate. There’s more to come about this topic but let’s start somewhere together. From there, we can find ways to revamp our thoughts and feelings about money and where we want to go in this life.

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