Multitasking: Sprinkle the Busy Schedule with Things You Love to Balance It All

by | Apr 18, 2022 | Aligned Actions and Practices


Hey, women and womxn! How are you doing this week?

As we’re already well on our way through Quarter 2, I’ve been trying to rework my schedule with both expected and unexpected tweaks in my life. This made me want to address something I’ve been a “purist” about for a while. So, I say this with humility: maybe multitasking can still be ok, depending on how it’s applied.

Since FSW is a place for reflective honesty, I’ll own what’s happening: a new puppy came home early, I’m revising a large paper that is the catalyst for my future educational work, and I’m juggling this with an upcoming business program launch. I’m getting a little frantic, and the sure signs of this are that sleep patterns have been hijacked again and the only thing that sounds good to eat is chai or green tea. I know, delicious, but not a food group or sustainable.

Bringing Together Efficient and “Inefficient” Uses of Time to Be Successful

It hit me while I was trying to watch the puppy not eat my slippers and reading some articles, that it’s time to multitask. This is the goal: to allow space for efficient and “inefficient” use of time, or even blending the two. I’ve swung on the pendulum both ways: multitasking to the level of making myself ill and trying to not do it all, 24/7. However, the To Do List begins to grow and many of the items need attention. I swear, I am trying to say, “No,” more often these days.

When talking this out with a loved one last night, they came up with something genius: sprinkle the busy schedule with things you love.

What. Great. Advice.

Blending the Therapeutic and The Tasks at Hand

While saying, “No,” more often has become a fruitful and liberating shift, it doesn’t mean that I can’t forgo life. Trust me, that temple on a mountain looks oh so good, but I’ve seen over the last year it’s not going to happen right now. Apparently, my existence is to be in this place, even if it’s messy, as humanity can be.

So, how do we apply therapeutic or self-care methods while also trying to get shit done when absolutely necessary? Intentional multitasking, my friends.

A lot of us already may do this, so it’s not a newsflash. I’m just giving you permission, if you need it, and also reframing my own hesitancies about it, too. Again, I burnt myself out because I was doing too much at once, about five years ago. I’m still healing from that.

But maybe it’s not “all doom and gloom.” Multitasking, with boundaries, may work out better than planned. For example, some listen to uplifting podcasts or audio episodes on their commute; I did that. Others may listen to an audiobook while driving or hitting public transportation to get some relaxation in before the day. Some of us may workout and do the same.

The point is A + B = C sometimes. So, let’s try this formula out with Stressors and Intervention(s) with some examples from my last week:

With journal articles in hand to work on this revision (A) + Sitting outside in the sun to get out of the house and watch the puppy (B) = I had a semi-calming, centered place to read (C). I’ve found my sanity saver is getting outside as much as possible when working from home/WFH.

After stressing about food prices, hello inflation, and budgeting (A) + Prepping the garden beds (B) = I can picture how money can get saved, and how I’m intervening with food supply on my own terms with my health in mind (C).

Renewing my PIP license needs to happen (A) + I did my rowing challenge while watching a social work webinar (B) = I’m combining a few needs: licensure, physical wellbeing, and stress management (C).

Business programming needs are also in my headspace (A) + Having conversations about modules, holding silence, and even doing mundane things (B) = An enriched, idea-generated program that’s really friggin’ human, because I’m going through work-life prioritization, too, just like you.

Holistic Approaches Work

Lightbulb Moment: I just realized while typing, that these examples are holistic experiences. They’re recalibrating stress, mental wellbeing and expression, and physical activity or self-care. That’s no accident, y’all, and yes, it’s technically multitasking… Yeah, I know.

There are just times in life when we need to get a lot of things done or keep doing them, right? Some things we “can’t say no to,” because they also add unlimited amounts of joy and happiness to our lives. And that’s ok–that’s the human experience, right? Messy + Growth = Expansive Existence.

ProTip for the week: when we have a lot on our plates, let’s keep this holistic approach in mind when trying to balance it all. We’ll definitely do what needs doing, and we can integrate what we need to do for ourselves, too.

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