Feeling Overwhelmed with Stress and Uncertainty? Try the Three Ts!

by | Jan 9, 2023 | Aligned Actions and Practices

It’s Monday and we’re back with a new week after a beautiful Wolf Moon on the 6th. Lately, I’ve had some ups and downs since starting 2023. Good stressors and not-great ones, but I’ve been trying to keep my chin up and move forward still at a pace that works for me.

Well, as I was sitting with the moon that early morning, I recognized that there were more feelings that needed to come out. And that inspired this post!

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When we have things on our hearts, or in our minds and emotions, getting them out is one of the healthiest promises we can make to ourselves. Is it always easy? No. Sometimes we don’t even know what we feel. So, let’s go over the Three Ts and help you work with stressors a little bit easier.


Just talking it out to anyone or no one can be a useful tool for transformation. When we bottle up our emotions and stress it can fester within us. We might feel more and more stuck, lethargic, down, angry, and so much more.

So, while it might not seem logical, scream it out to the sky or talk to the stars, the sun, the moon, the trees, the birds, or any other natural elements, that don’t judge you at all. These fellow beings have no filter; they just are. That’s one of the reasons why I love talking with them: nothing is coming back at me with a range of responses that may or may not help me grow in my most expansive ways.


These might come while talking and is another way of expressing pain or worries, even joys sometimes. I used to be one that stuffed the tears away, because dammit, I was strong. And I am still incredibly strong, for various reasons. However, keeping our tears from coming is almost like keeping our emotions and stress inside…it doesn’t serve our highest good.

I find tears to be a very healing solution or fluid in our bodies – they come as they are meant to. Not only do they clear out our tear ducts and aid our eyes with moisture, but the process of crying is also such a release. Even to this day, if I keep the tears inside and stifle them, I have a sinus infection for days.

Now, by my very nature, I’m not necessarily one who cries out their emotions often – I’m more of an active emotional releaser — so when they wish to come I honor them as often as I can. That being said, if you’re really not a tears person find your expressive outlet for you: working out, walking, throwing things (carefully), demo-ing something in your home or property, etc. Be creative!


When sitting and talking to the full moon, and crying with her, I could feel the worries melting off my shoulders, like the sun warming snow on a crisp day. It took a while, let me tell you…

But after I felt empty of the stressors, I started to feel more alive again. Warmer. Hopeful. And that’s where the transformation comes in. Actually, the transformation started when talking to the moon and giving her my shit.

So, let’s share the Too Long, Didn’t Read (TL/DR): next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, or like you can’t handle what’s in your lap or on your schedule, try to use these Three T’s. Again, they’re talking, tears, and transformation. They might seem simple, but sometimes simple is the way we grow at our pace and continue to expand while doing our best!


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