Digging Into the Roots of the Change You Seek with the 3 Ws

by | Mar 6, 2023 | Aligned Actions and Practices

Image description: A picture of a tree root system, from the Hoh rainforest in Washington state. The roots are covered in bright green moss with little seedlings and ground cover shooting out from them.

It’s the first official Monday of March, and I’ve got wrapping up Quarter 1 with efficiency on my mind. Honestly, February was such a whirlwind and yet I’ve recognized this time of year has a ton of potential despite the transitions as of late.

With the unsteady and unexpected twists and turns, I’ve reflected on change and what that can mean to all of us. Just recently, a friend and I were talking about how hard change is for so many, especially for those who are craving it and fearing it. Take a number, as we all do it!

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We talk about comfort zones and diving into life soul-fully, with our wisdom, here at FSW. But what do we do when we’re hedging? How can we work with that fear, by not shying away from it, and begin to unpack and learn about our desired change? The Three Ws will help, so let’s chat about them.

The First W: Worry

Worrying, having angst, and being uncertain, are part of our makeup. It’s part of our wiring as humans and beings on this planet. So, let’s just accept that right here, right now.

Now, why would I think worry has a place in digging into the change you seek? Because it’s a part of it. While I don’t have a statistic at this moment, I’d say that the vast majority of us feel how worry is intertwined with change. We worry about how we’ll pay our bills, we worry about providing a fulfilling life for ourselves now and after, and maybe we worry about losing people as we change. Those are some of the Big Worries I’ve had in my life over the years – what are yours?

When we can acknowledge Worry is there, we’ll say personified, it might not feel as menacing or big because we’re looking at it straight on. Now, real quick, we must hold space for our different mental health and headspace needs. And we all have different resources to tap into, or there may be a lack of them where you’re at. We can’t ignore that.

So, when you and I talk about standing with, and up to, Worry here today, let’s get creative. Let’s get creative about the resources we have in our circle that can help us deal with Worry and Change in a holistic, grounded way.

The Second W: Wonder

In this piece’s title, I purposely use “roots,” because I believe that we all have roots. Roots of why we’re here, roots of the choices we make (conscious or unconscious), and an inner knowing of how we can be rooted in our experiences.

When we can create space for wonder – which we did as children – it’s quite the gift, isn’t it? I think in our “adulting” we forget to give ourselves time to sit and wonder and daydream. Or, we feel like we’re lazy, or perhaps wasting our hard-earned time.

Yet, it’s critical that we take time to wonder and allow the freedom for anything to come to mind. Don’t let your ego just shut things down at once. And don’t be so stubbornly rooted in “what you’ve always done” that you can’t wonder in fresh, new ways. Roots can be grounding, absolutely, but if we get too stuck with them, our gift of wonderment may be stifled.

Have a beginner’s mindset and curiosity, as often as you can. There are so many mysteries out there, and we have the opportunity while on this planet to discover them. And perhaps those discoveries will change your life forever or boost you when you need that little nudge. So, use wondering to your advantage, and spoiler alert: it helps you with your third W…wandering.

The Third W: Wander

I feel many of us hardly know how to wander through life. I didn’t, especially because I had The Plan — you know, the ten-year one you have when you’re in your 20s? Even to this day, I still try to control certain career and life outcomes, depending upon what’s happening. It’s part of that relationship we have with Worry, right?

So, one perspective worth mentioning is that it feels different when we’re wandering and feeling lost vs. wandering and feeling hopeful in the journey. That needs to be acknowledged, and at times we might feel lost one moment and then the next that’s passed and we have more hope. I want you to accept both. Don’t judge the feelings either. Have that beginner’s mindset and go, “that’s interesting,” and unpack it further.

Finally, in a wondering and wandering fashion, when you think about the change(s) you seek, keep asking yourself “why.” It helps you dig into it further, and get to the roots of the underlying issue(s) at hand. Use these prompts to help unpack this:

  1. Why is X important to you?
  2. What are your worries that come with it, too?
  3. How have you stifled your daydreaming about it before, and what are your wonderings about the change now without parameters?
  4. If you were to wander towards this change, and wander within it, what resources will you need to help you take this path and continue on it?
  5. How will you show yourself grace if you hit a rough patch, because change can feel scary and empowering all at once?

Contemplate these three Ws as you go about this week. Remember Worry tends to come with Change, hand-in-hand. Wondering is a natural gift we had as children, so implement it again even while “adulting.” Finally, Wandering is in our nature, too. Give yourself grace while you do it, or if you trip, wander anyway…because you’re meant for soul-full journeys as you continue to grow. And to grow, you and I need to step over our thresholds sometimes. Even if it’s only a few inches.



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